This is a 2 hour video of a live Q&A we done with Zapable members. You will find a lot of useful information in here to help you with your app builder.

I have marked a few times here for the most popular topics

29 mins – Appointments

51 mins – Business features and front page designer

1hrs 31 mins – Firebase Setup

1hr 40 mins – Apple certificate setup, start to finish


  1. Hello
    I saw your video above and it was so frustrating for me. I watched it 10 times, or more. I dont understand your dialect.

    1. Author

      Hi Edwino,

      I understand some may have issues with understanding a Northern Irish accent but the majority of members do not so there isnt much I can do about it.

      Try and listen again on the key parts and if you have any specific questions then as in the community and we can answer them

  2. Have you thought about accessing the video script from YouTube? I have challenges with middle eastern accents and the transcripts have helped a lot.

  3. I myself like to read instructions with screenshots rather than listening to videos. It would be nice if we can download the instructions and follow step by step. This way, we don’t need to go through tutorials all the time. I mean, use it as a reference guide.

    Another idea for edwino, you could add subtitles to the videos. Youtube has the feature

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